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                               Multisteps Plastic(Dongguan) Co.,Ltd





              The headquarter and production base of Multisteps Plastic(Dongguan) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ”Multisteps Industry” ) is located in Tangxia,Dongguan,China,which is covering a land area of 10,000 square meters.The company currently is specialized in the production of PET film, the development, customization and production of blister packaging,design and manufacture of mold. Its products are mainly used for packaging fruits, vegetables and other foods.

              Multisteps Industry has powerful production capability of plastic plates, the design and development team of mold and management team with decades of production experiences, and fully enclosed dust-free workshop to ensure the fine quality of products, and manufacture a vast variety of food packaging boxes. The latest high-speed high-pressure machine and splitting and punching units in this industry integrating the material feeding, heating, vacuum pressing, forming shearing and cutting are adopted to producing the high quality and non-toxic transparent clean boxes for food packaging; and keep the barcode artwork of the product label intact by means of heat transfer printing to overcome the defects of paper barcode.

              Multisteps Industry adopts the automatic computer-controlled system to realize large output, high quality, uniform thickness, high transparency, and strong impact resistance of product property. The company has built 5,000 square meters modern warehousing based to provide plenty of storage space in the seasonally busy period.

              The safety of products, the lifeline of enterprise’s survival, and the quality of the products is the cornerstone of enterprise’s development. Multisteps Industry aims at creating the first-class automated production line in the international industries, ensuring safe, reliable product quality and high efficiency production control,and providing the high-quality, healthy life guarantee for global consumers.??



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